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Improve Your Hearing

Two Key Areas are involved in enhancing your hearing so you are able to life well with hearing loss

1. Technology  – hearing aids, other devices 

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There are many ways you can use technology to help you and those around you live with hearing loss.  Of course, hearing loss is a complex condition, yet most people assume that the simple purchase of a hearing aid will provide an instant fix, just like buying a pair of glasses across the counter. The reality is that hearing aids are just a small part of the process of achieving better hearing. Knowledge is power, so understanding what the different technology and what it means for you means you can make informed decisions and ensure you get the right answers to the right questions. Read More

2. Optimisation of your hearing and listening skills 

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Hearing loss is not just a problem with your organ of hearing, it also involves how sound is processed as it travels to the part of the brain known as the auditory cortex. This is where we interpret and create meaning from the sounds we hear as hearing, listening and comprehending are all reliant on brain function. Your hearing aids assist you to hear the sounds again.  However there are many ways you can learn to improve your ability to listen and comprehend especially in background noise. You will enjoy learning these new skills as part of your hearing training program at Hearing Care Professionals.                  Read More


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