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Why have Regular tests of your hearing?

Hearing is your 24/7 connection to the world as it never takes a break. It connects your brain to the outside world, keeping it sharp and stimulated. It connects you to others: your loved ones, your friends, colleagues and strangers. It connects you to opportunity, so that it’s you who responds and not some shadow of yourselves.

The better you understand what your hearing actually does for you the more respect for your hearing you will have. And the greater your respect for your hearing, the more likely you will keep your hearing working at its best.

Even if you think you have good hearing you still need it checked. This way a baseline can be established so that any future changes can be identified. Many people think they hear well but the people around them are compensating for the gradual changes that are occurring.  It is very hard to know how well we are actually hearing.  It is also important to find out if your hearing is at risk. Prevention is better than cure (link to prevention page)

  “I don’t like the idea of other people knowing something about me that I don’t, especially if it puts me at a disadvantage; I’d rather be the first to know.”

“I’ve known people in the past where everyone but them knew they were mishearing. I don’t want to find myself in that position. It weakens me socially.”

After the consultation you will most likely feel better because you will know where you stand and what your options are.

What is involved in a Regular Review of your hearing?

Hearing Care is to ears, what Eye Care is to eyes and Dental Care is to teeth. It should be a holistic approach that covers a number of aspects, even if you already wear hearing aids.

Young people covering their mouths eyes and ears

  • Detailed history to discover your medical and audiological history, your lifestyle needs and how, if at all, hearing is impacting on your life
  • An in-depth evaluation of hearing and hearing health which aims to discover how good your hearing is, how your middle ear works, and how well you hear and understand speech not just when it is quiet but also when it is noisy.
  • Discussion of the options available and guidance on the best choice for your needs.
  • A review of any hearing equipment you may be already using, such as hearing aid, to ensure that they are working optimally for you and still suit your needs.
  • A report detailing the findings of the consultation and the recommendations made.

Our in depth consultation process usually results in one of the following three outcomes:

  1. You may require periodic monitoring of your hearing
  2. You may require further assessment either by the audiologist or your medical practitioner
  3. You may require special hearing care options that will be discussed with you (these may or may not include a hearing system)

Your hearing profile is developed during your initial consultation.

Your initial appointment includes a diagnostic evaluation of your hearing ability for both sounds and speech and your middle ear. This information forms your hearing profile.

You will be asked a lot of questions about your hearing history and about how you feel your hearing is or is not impacting on your everyday life. We use special tools to ensure we learn together just what living well with hearing loss means to you.  This detailed analysis takes from 45 to 90 minutes depending on your individual situation and your results are discussed with you during the appointment.

As our approach is individualised, it is important that we have an understanding about your personal hearing situation. We value the active involvement of you and your families at the appointment. Please invite significant communication partners to be part of your consultation











The future

We aim to do more than simply educate you about your diagnosis, potential treatment, or healthy behaviour. It’s not about giving you whatever you want either, our ethical approach requires us to guide you with full and unbiased information about your options, benefits and any risks. We take into account your cultural traditions, personal preferences and values, family situations, social circumstances and lifestyle.

At Hearing Care Professionals we want to partner with you for all of your life stages so that you can be provided with the best possible hearing outcomes and be able to live well with hearing loss. As your hearing health needs will change over your lifetime we offer various care packages that reflect these changing needs.

 What are the possible effects of a hearing loss?

  • impaired communication with family, friends, at work
  • fatigue and cognitive load from the effort of listening
  • social isolation
  • an increased awareness of tinnitus
  • the emotional impact of all the above



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