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Hearing Loss Affects All Ages
Hearing Loss Affects All Ages

Living well with hearing loss, tinnitus & sound tolerance

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Test Your Hearing

Having regular hearing tests is important.

Look after your hearing

Hearing is one of our very important primary senses.

Improve Your Hearing

The 3 R’s: Restaurant, Remote Control and Repeat

Speciality Clinics

We also specialize in the areas of Tinnitus and Sound tolerance.


Test Your Hearing

Having regular hearing tests is important. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle you schedule annual eye and teeth appointments. Changes in your hearing are often so gradual that you don’t notice them until everyone else does. Routine hearing checks help you prevent problems such as loss of connection with the world around you, other people and even the opportunity to live your life your way. It is the best way to keep your hearing at its best. Everyone benefits from regular hearing checks including your children and your parents. It’s a way of checking that the brain is receiving everything it needs


Look after your hearing

Hearing is one of our primary senses and needs to be protected in this modern noisy age. Improving your knowledge and understanding of your hearing will allow you to avoid damage to the delicate structures that are involved in optimal hearing. There is a great deal you can do to continue to hear well, especially as you age and of course protection is always better than cure.  At Hearing Care Professionals our holistic, individualized one on one approach towards hearing ensures we offer more than just devices in our services. Solutions that will give you the ability to control how you age while you live the best life you can

Improve Your Hearing

The 3 R’s of hearing are: Restaurant, Remote Control and Repeat as these are the most reported situations where hearing issues can be experienced and which impact on a person’s lifestyle and wellbeing. Hearing technology will help you hear well and keep you in touch with the world you live in and therefore enable you to live well with hearing loss. There are many options to choose from that can enhance your hearing in a variety of different sound environments but not all are hearing aids. These options are often invisible to others and offer a great deal of flexibility for your busy lifestyle and family.


Get Specialist Help

As a speciality audiology practice, we offer you solutions for many problems.
You may have been told that there is nothing that can be done about it.
We have the skills and expertise to help!
If you want to:
– Get back into the conversation?
– To no longer be aware of your tinnitus?
– Sounds to no longer hurt? Hyperacusis
– Ignore those sounds that trigger you Misophonia
– Hear better in noisy situations without hearing aids
– Just not happy with your hearing aids as they are and looking for advice?

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Interview with Nolene Nielson

Hi my name is Nolene Nielson and I am an Audiologist (Hearing Specialist) who helps people who want to live the best life they can by providing the technology and knowledge they are seeking. I believe people who take responsibility for their own health live a more fulfilled and satisfying life. I am the owner of Hearing Care Professionals which is a modern Audiology practice at Ashgrove (Brisbane) QLD. We offer an independent, client focused, in depth service that provides you with a holistic approach to hearing loss. Our value for money service means we offer a one on one care that addresses your entire holistic hearing needs not just the supply of hearing aids.  Just as you get your teeth and eyes checked regularly, likewise your hearing also needs regular checks.  I promise to give you the ability to control how you age and enable you to live the best life you can with hearing  loss.  I am a recognised specialists in the treatment of tinnitus and sound tolerance and one of the few Audiologist in Australia approved to fit Lyric hearing aids. I am a fellow of the Australian College of Audiology and recognised as a leader in the field of Audiology internationally.

I invite you to  make a booking today so we can discuss your needs and I can help you to live well with hearing loss.


The Secret to Accepting Sounds


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