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Nolene Nielson

Nolene Nielson


Nolene Nielson is a highly qualified and experienced Audiologist. She has over three decades of clinical experience in many aspects of Audiology, but specialises in the area of hearing rehabilitation for those with misophonia, acoustic trauma, tinnitus and sound sensitivity issues such as hyperacusis.

Over the years Nolene Nielson has given new life to thousands of clients through her work.

She trained with the National Acoustics Laboratories and then became the first Audiologist at Princess Alexandra Hospital, a large adult only hospital based in Brisbane, Australia. Here she set up the Hearing Aid Loan Bank which assists disadvantaged people who require hearing aids. Her experience here led to her becoming one of the first audiologists in private practice in Queensland in the late 1980s.

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Hearing Care Professionals was created and audiology services were provided not just to Brisbane, but Bundaberg, Maryborough, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Gold Coast.

To improve the level of hearing care to Brisbane, Nolene Nielson joined forces with Dr Will Tonisson, who was known internationally for his work in hearing aid fitting techniques to form Hearing Solutions which quickly became one of the leading private audiology practices in Australia due to the depth of experience and experience of Will and Nolene.

Nolenes’ audiology expertise in the area of noise, medico legal assessment and the rehabilitation of complex auditory conditions led her to develop her more specialist skills in tinnitus and sound tolerance. Nolene has no hearing on her left ear since early childhood and understands the issues that arise in day to day life.

Nolene is viewed as the audiologist who helped clients live the best life they could with difficult hearing problems. She was able to find solutions where others had given up or told the client to go live with it. Her reputation meant that clients came to consult her not just from all over Australia but the world. Her clients are to be found in Western Australia, King Island and even Venice, Italy.

Nolene has been president of  Independent Audiologist Australia and was given the honour of becoming a Fellow of Australian College of Audiology for involvement in the profession of Audiology.

In 2009, due to long term illness of 2 important people in her life, her business partner and her husband, Hearing Solutions was sold to Connect Hearing to allow Nolene time to be with her husband. After his death 5 months later, Nolene took a much needed break to regroup wanting to rediscover her passion for audiology and life.

Nolene has invested heavily in learning more about Hyperacusis, Tinnitus, Misophonia and Acoustic Trauma over the last few decades. by doing counselling courses, researching new rehabilitation strategies for hearing loss by atttending local and international conferences.

Nolene came back to Audiology with a clear vision for driving change in the hearing industry.

Early in 2018, Nolene moved with her new partner Ken, to live in Bundaberg. She now offers her extensive expertise and experience online. No longer do her clients have to travel large distances to see her thanks to the marvels of technology and the internet.

Nolene provides expert and impartial advice about the many options available to you when choosing services. It is so easy to get it wrong and it really should be simple.

Nolene has a hearing loss herself and knows first hand the problems it causes.

It is important to Nolene that her clients can take control of the way they are affected by their hearing problems. It is now her mission to ensure that her audiology services are about helping her clients live well with any hearing issue, no matter how difficult.

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