Man hiding his head in the sand

How To Choose The Right Earplugs For Misophonia? Learn The Truth!

You don’t remember when it happened. You just remember one day becoming aware that the most amazing disgusting sound was being amplified in your head or ears. And the sound was coming from someone you loved so much, your dad. Your first response was to yell at them to stop… They looked at you strangely. Then you noticed […]

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Woman with misophonia crying in despair

How Do I Change How I React To Those I Love The Most? I Have Misophonia!

It is so hard when you find yourself having unwanted emotional reactions towards those you love the most? The pain is almost unbearable! There are ways to get help… Have you ever been with someone who accepted you as you are?If you’re like me, it is a good feeling to be accepted this way. To not […]

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How measure loudness of sound

How Do I Measure The Loudness Of A Sound?

Today, it seems like technology touches every aspect of our lives. From grocery shopping to physical fitness to even starting our cars, we use smartphones to make our daily tasks easier and improve the quality of our lives. So it seems inevitable that technology available on smartphones would also offer apps and information to those […]

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Misophonia Answered

Did you know that there was a new breakthrough study on misophonia published this year by Dr Kumar and his team from the Institute of Neuroscience at the Newcastle University and the Wellcome Centre for NeuroImaging at University College London (UCL)?

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Diagram of the the different parts of hearing

Understanding Misophonia – What’s Happening to Me?

An understanding of neuroscience and audiology provides us with a possible way for you to understand what is happening to you. You just might not be an angry person after all.

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Anguish about choosing the right hearing protection

Are custom ear plugs worth the money; the pros and cons

Are custom ear plugs worth the money; the pros and cons Those of us who enjoy social or have work activities which involve exposure to potentially unsafe levels of sound know we need to protect our hearing but what are the best options for this. Do we go to the local hardware store/chemist and buy […]

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You Dont need to suffer from tinnitus

How do I stop this ringing in my ears?

How do I stop this noise in my ears? I’m told nothing can be done about tinnitus! Are you aware recent studies show up to 70% of people experiencing tinnitus experience significant improvements in their tinnitus with the right help?

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Music Damage

Can Loud Music Really Affect My Hearing?

One night, you go to watch your oldest grandchild in her first school play. It is a big event for everyone. There is the school band playing as you arrive and you take your seat to watch the performance. Yet the background music throughout the performance is loud. The next night you are off to […]

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result of misophonia reduction

Is It Possible To Treat Misophonia?

I received this amazing email from a client the other week and wanted to share her story with you on her journey with misophonia. 

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11 Things You Need to Know When You First Get Hearing Aids?

What you need to know when you get new hearing aids? You have just got new hearing aids? Now what? You have so many things to remember about using them? Are they going to work? Are my hearing aids going to be a waste of money? Your fitting appointment hopefully solved many of your concerns. […]

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