How to be 90 with great hearing!

Genetic Predisposition to Hearing loss is an interesting current topic for discussion. As the Human Genome project has continued they have come out with interesting statistics on what is caused by genetic versus environmental factors.

Here is what we do know:

  • Genetic factors account for only about 30% of what happens to us (Human Genome Project)
  • 50% to 60% of hearing loss in babies is due to genetic causes.

Therefore about 70% of what happens to us as we age is more than likely determined by our lifestyle and/or the environment in which we live.

This raises the possibility that 70% of hearing loss as we get older may be preventable.

How do I reduce my chances of developing a hearing loss?

  1. Be aware of the impact of loud noise
  2. Avoid stress
  3. Don’t grow old – ok just kidding. How about stay as young and fit as possible?
  4. Protect yourself against cardiovascular disease and diabetes
  5.  Exercise
  6. Eat well, choosing a balanced and nutritious diet.
  7. Enrol in our brain training.  Read more here


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All information is provided in the interests of Hearing Health education and is of a general nature. In all cases you should consult your doctor or other allied health professional for advice regarding your individual circumstances.