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Anguish about choosing the right hearing protection

Are custom ear plugs worth the money; the pros and cons

Are custom ear plugs worth the money; the pros and cons Those of us who enjoy social or have work activities which involve exposure to potentially unsafe levels of sound know we need to protect our hearing but what are the best options for this. Do we go to the local hardware store/chemist and buy […]

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Music Damage

Can Loud Music Really Affect My Hearing?

One night, you go to watch your oldest grandchild in her first school play. It is a big event for everyone. There is the school band playing as you arrive and you take your seat to watch the performance. Yet the background music throughout the performance is loud. The next night you are off to […]

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When Sound Hurts.

Imagine waking up and finding everyday sounds too loud. You might find talking quietly, eating or even the sound of the shower is just too loud! Yet these sounds that are uncomfortably loud to you, everyone else finds ok! The term often used for when everyday sounds are perceived as uncomfortably loud is hyperacusis. I […]

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Your Connections – You Need Others

The other disciplines for living well are focused on you the individual. After all, you are the only one who can take responsibility for and engage in the sorts of healthy and positive behaviours (exercise, meditation optimistic thinking etc.) that will be helpful. Yet at the same time it’s vitally important to acknowledge that living […]

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Physical Activity, Exercise, Diet, Sleep and Rest

We all know how important physical exercise, diet and sufficient rest is for you health and wellbeing but have you ever considered the consequences of lack of exercise or rest and a poor diet when it comes to your hearing health? What sort of physical activity makes a difference? It’s not just any exercise. Its […]

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Hearing Health Is For All Ages

There has been news lately about the concern over the impact of noise on the hearing of children and teenagers. In this day and age of iPods, iPads, YouTube and numerous video applications all ages are bombarded with noise. What noise is good noise, what noise is bad and what do teenagers and their parents […]

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What is Hyperacusis?

The definition of what Hyperacusis is can sometimes be unclear as it varies. Hyperacusis is described as intolerance to a level of sound and people with hyperacusis reach a point at which sounds are too loud, even at lower physical levels. Other terms used to describe decreased sound tolerance include phonophobia, the fear of a […]

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