The No. 1 Way to Reduce Repairs to Your Hearing Aids This Summer

It’s that time of the year again. It is not just about getting ready for Christmas and shopping for that perfect gift for loved ones. Its also about the weather, long summer days, the outdoors and here in Queensland lots of humidity.

Technology is at the heart of hearing well. And like us, it doesn’t like too much direct sun and high humidity. It wilts and sometimes just like us it stops working from the stress of it all. Keep it dry and cool.

All types of hearing instruments benefit from using an electronic drying box.

Note: Over 50% of breakdowns of hearing aids according to the manufacturers is due to moisture or earwax.

I started recommending electronic drying boxes over 15 years ago. I still remember my amazement at the results for you. You reported: Fewer repairs, better sound quality, relief from itchy ears, longer battery life, fresh and clean hearing aids.

Not bad benefits from a simple ritual of putting your hearing aids “to bed” every night. Like you, they need time to recover from being in your ear.

Daily use saves your the time, expense, and aggravation of preventable repairs. Start enjoying “better hearing through better hearing aid care” today.