Invisible Hearing Aids – Are they a reality?

Do you wish you could have a hearing aid that was totally invisible

Last in our series of Navigating the Maze of Hearing Aid Options is written for people who want exactly that. A hearing aid that is impossible to see or detect. They want to be able to hear as well, or better than others, in a wide range of situations and be able to adjust their hearing aid to suit their needs.

In this world of modern technology this is possible and Hearing Care Professionals is delighted to be able to present this option to their clients. There is a modern generation of hearing aids that are so ‘invisible” that only you and your audiologist will know they are even there.

At Hearing Care Professionals we recommend the SoundLens from Starkey. It is so small it rests deeply in the ear canal, hidden from view. Starkey promote it as

 The first custom made, invisible, digital, fully programmable hearing aid that provides noise reduction and a speech preservation system designed to filter out background noise.

It is completely invisible in most ears, is recommended for mild to moderate hearing loss and is custom made for your ear. With the latest technology you can adjust memory or volume settings with any touch tone sensitive phone.

Starkey SoundLens Invisible Hearing Aid

Starkey SoundLens Invisible Hearing Aid

Get the PDF here:

See this amazing hearing aid in full 360 degree view:

Watch the video at:

We would love to show you photos of this product but for the moment you will have to click on the website links or you can just give us as call and arrange to speak to Nolene about it today. What are you waiting for call us on 3366 5012 or use our contact form.

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