Life Stages and Your Approach

The final installment in the 6 Steps to Living Well with Hearing Loss.

Do not regret growing older, it’s a privilege denied to many


Your needs, desires, hopes and dreams do change over your life as they should in the journey through life. Living well means different things to different people at different times of their lives.

There is not one of us who can completely avoid pain and suffering. But all of us can learn from experiences of distress and difficulty and ideally find ways to grow and improve ourselves from the lessons we learn in or after these situations.  The good news is that it is possible to learn and change.

There are many coping strategies to help us deal with times of change.  The most important that I use in my work are

  • Cognitive reappraisal – thinking about events in more helpful ways
  • Developing an openness to new experiences
  • Striving for a higher level of self-control
  • Developing a belief that other people and the world generally are benevolent
  • Having a greater willingness to engage in emotion expression i.e. talking to others about how one is feeling
  • Having a belief that there’s some greater purpose or meaning
  • Play… my favourite.

You have ability to change your future. How will you change yours?

You are not alone if you need help to develop a plan to change your life, that is what I do every day as an audiologist. I help my clients live the best life they can by discovering as much as possible about who they are, their hearing and their lifestyle needs and help them apply their chosen strategy to their life.

In the end it is all about practising a few simple disciplines each and every day.

  1. Effectively using technology
  2. Physical activity and exercise, Diet sleep and rest
  3. Exercise your brain and therefore your hearing
  4. Cultivate an attitude of optimism, happiness and positivity
  5. Connecting with others
  6. Being prepared to grow and develop i.e. learn and preserve

You are never too young to start thinking about maintaining your hearing and brain health. The current messages on hearing health target people over 60, people do not realise they can start influencing how well they hear as they age.  It’s time we took a whole of life span approach to preventing hearing loss.

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All information is provided in the interests of Hearing Health education and is of a general nature. In all cases you should consult your doctor or other allied health professional for advice regarding your individual circumstances.