Love music but what does it do to our ears?

Hearing loss is often associated with aging but there is a clear link between listening to and producing music that we will be focusing on during the month of September.

Music is wonderful and we all love listening to it and appreciate the skill that goes into producing it for our listening pleasure. However it is a fact that many musicians and those associated in producing music are at high risk of hearing loss, even at an early age. It is not restricted to rock musicians either, as classically trained musicians are equally at risk. Even the music teacher who is exposed to sound 5 days a week is at risk.

Over the next couple of weeks we will look at:

  • How to protect your hearing while listening to music either at home or at a concept
  • Provide music fact sheets for a range of musicians, including those who play bagpipes.
  • Look at hearing loss issues for musicians
  • Discuss hearing protection methods for musicians
  • Look at ways to set up a safe music room for you and your students of clients.

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All information is provided in the interests of Hearing Health education and is of a general nature. In all cases you should consult your doctor or other allied health professional for advice regarding your individual circumstances.