News from the Audiologists Desk

Nolene is just back from the first conference of the year.

A one day masterclass on Aural Rehabilitation (AR): Essential Tools for Clinical Practice.A great conference that helped Audiologists to:

  1. Think beyond the audiogram as to the impacts of hearing loss.
  2. Identify the multidimensional behaviors that impact an individual and their carers as a result of their hearing loss.
  3. Understand evidence based practice in AR and have a clear view of the current literature in the area.
  4. Independently design AR programs and activities to suit their individual client needs.
  5. Use techniques and activities to facilitate their clients well being and quality of life and be able to evaluate the success of their service provision.
  6. Understand the referral process and the role of other team members when working with individuals of all ages with hearing loss and their carers.

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