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Can Loud Music Really Affect My Hearing?

One night, you go to watch your oldest grandchild in her first school play. It is a big event for everyone. There is the school band playing as you arrive and you take your seat to watch the performance. Yet the background music throughout the performance is loud. The next night you are off to


Did You know Hearing Awareness Week 2017 Is Next Week?

I don’t know about you. I mean to get health checkups. Even if I get a reminder I sometimes put it off and next thing it is three or even six months later. I find myself wondering where all that time went. Hearing well is no different. It involves having regular checkups of your hearing


What Hearing Protection Apps Can I Use?

Today, it seems like technology touches every aspect of our lives. From grocery shopping to physical fitness to even starting our cars, we use smartphones to make our daily tasks easier and improve the quality of our lives. So it seems inevitable that technology available on smartphones would also offer apps and information to those

Setting Up a Music Room?

Many people who work with music like to setup home recording studios, especially those who are running a business as a music producer. In addition, music teachers need to consider protecting themselves and their students from damage to their hearing. Several inexpensive modifications can be made to areas to make them optimal for use as

Essential Hearing Health for Musicians

Let me get this straight. If I like my music, it is less damaging to my hearing? No. It’s the other way around. Liking the music will not decrease the potential damage. It’s an issue of disliking or hating it that makes music potentially more damaging. We’re not sure exactly why that happens, but there

Musicians Hearing Protection

What earplugs do you suggest for musicians? There are three major types of earplugs for musicians – the ER-15, the ER-25, and vented/tuned earplugs. The ER-25 is generally only recommended for drummers. The  ER-15 is the ear plug of choice for most other rock and blues instruments, as well as most classical instruments. The vented/

Will Listening to Music Damage My Ears?

Can I do anything with my loudspeakers to hear better and to protect myself from further hearing loss? Loudspeakers do not send all sounds out equally. Typically the low pitched bass notes emanate from all parts of the loudspeaker and are equally loud from the back, front, top and sides. However, the higher pitched notes

Preserve your hearing

Going to concerts

I went to a concert last night and my ears are still ringing. Will this stop? The ringing is called tinnitus and refers to any noises that are heard in the head, that don’t come from the outside. Tinnitus comes in two flavors—objective and subjective. Objective tinnitus is tinnitus that can be heard by other

Love music but what does it do to our ears?

Hearing loss is often associated with aging but there is a clear link between listening to and producing music that we will be focusing on during the month of September. Music is wonderful and we all love listening to it and appreciate the skill that goes into producing it for our listening pleasure. However it

Types of Hearing Protection

There is a variety of different ways to protect your ears.
These methods are basically divided into two different types: ear protection that closes off the auditory canal, which includes various types of ear plugs, ear plugs with frames, wadding and earmolds or ear protection that covers the ear. This type of protection is not inserted


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