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Did You know Hearing Awareness Week 2017 Is Next Week?

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I don’t know about you. I mean to get health checkups. Even if I get a reminder I sometimes put it off and next thing it is three or even six months later. I find myself wondering where all that time went.

Hearing well is no different. It involves having regular checkups of your hearing and if you have hearing aids, your hearing aids too.

Its Hearing Awareness Week from Sunday 20th to Saturday 26th August

What is Hearing Awareness Week?

Hearing Awareness Week is about remembering how much hearing matters.

Hearing is one of our important primary senses. It needs to be looked after.

Over 60% of hearing loss is preventable.

Yet, taking the step to just check your hearing, is often the last step in list of health checks.

Why is it we don’t think hearing is important?

Take a moment and close your eyes.

You can’t see if you don’t open your eyes.

Now close your ears. You can’t do this? Even if you put hearing protection on, you only reduce sound at the best about 28 dB SPL.

You can still hear around you.

Your hearing is with you 24/7. It never stops.

We need our hearing to stay connected with our world, to feel safe and remain calm.

Silence makes us anxious and on alert all the time.

Over the last few years, I have written some blogs on looking after your hearing.

These six posts are worth revisiting during Hearing Awareness Week.

#1 Understanding What Hearing Health is about

These 2 articles raise issues that are not always discussed. Looking after your hearing is not about needing hearing aids. Over half the people who make appointments with me, do not need hearing aids. They have questions about their hearing or just want to know how good it is.

Hearing Health For All Ages

Good Hearing Is About More Than Hearing Aids

#2 Role of Music With Hearing

Sound and music in particular, plays an important role in our lives. The first article is about one of the most common question I am asked about listening to music. The other article may be surprising, as you learn how learning music enhances your hearing.

Will Listening To Music Damage My Hearing?

What Does Music Do To Your Hearing?

#3 What Is Our Hearing Doing For Us?

I mentioned about the importance of hearing is staying connected! What do I meant by that? These articles explore this concept.

Hearing Constantly Connects Us

Your Connections You Need Others!

Over To You

What action are you going to take after rereading these blogs?

Maybe it is as simple as getting someone who matters to you to just get their hearing checked.

Please read and share these resources .

If you are due for your next hearing checkup, Phone now on 07 33665012 and leave a message. It is important!




Nolene Nielson is an experienced Australian Audiologist who is passionate about hearing. This article was first published at

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