Do You Have Tinnitus?

Do You Have Tinnitus?

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Tinnitus Treatment at Hearing Care Professionals, Brisbane

If you say yes to one or more of these questions you may have a hearing condition known as Tinnitus

  • Do you hear ringing or other noises in your ears or head?
  • Does the loudness of the noise in your ears makes it difficult to hear people?
  • Do you have trouble falling asleep?
  • Do you find it difficult to read because of the noise in your ears?
  • Does the noise in your ears interfere with your ability to enjoy social activities e.g. movies or going out to dinner?
  • Does your tinnitus interfere with your job or household activities?
  • Do you feel you have no control over the noise in your ears?
  • Does the noise in your ears get worse when you are under stress?
  • Do  you find it difficult to focus attention away from the noise in your ears and onto other things?
  • Do loud sounds irritate you?

If you said yes to one or more of these questions then you might have Tinnitus. We can assess your tinnitus  and provide you with your results.

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All information is provided in the interests of Hearing Health education and is of a general nature. In all cases you should consult your doctor or other allied health professional for advice regarding your individual circumstances. 

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