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Hearing care Professionals believes that quality hearing care should be available to all and you should have a choice about the level of care you require. Hearing Care Professionals offers you a number of services that you are able to choose to select the level of hearing care you require.

Every effort will be made to ensure you make an informed decision when choosing the level of care you prefer.  Your audiologist will be happy to provide you with an understanding of the level of hearing care you need.

Hearing Care Professionals is an independent, private audiology practice not allied to any manufacturer or other practitioners. Nolene Nielson has over 35 years’ experience in assessing and communicating with those with full and partial hearing impairment and offering specialized services in the areas of tinnitus and sound tolerance. You can have confidence that you are receiving top quality, independent advice.

We offer a range of  Services

  1. Comprehensive Assessment of your Hearing Read More
  2. Assessment of Lifestyle and Communication needs Read More
  3. Enhancement of your hearing through hearing technology Read More
  4. Enhancement of your hearing with and without hearing technology Read More
  5. Protecting your hearing and how to preserve your hearing Read More
  6. Tinnitus Assessment and Treatment Read More
  7. Sound Tolerance Assessment and Treatment including Hyperacusis and  Misophonia Read More
  8. Specialty Ear Wax Removal Clinic every Friday.


Our expertise means you will have an improved quality of life:

  • Happier lifestyle13895528
  • Easier communication
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Reduced stress




Clinic address:
Ashgrove Specialist Medical Centre
Suite 5A,
21 Harry St Ashgrove.
QLD 4060


Phone: 07 3366 5012
Fax: 07 3366 6668
Email: info@hearingcareprofessionals.com.au

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