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Can Loud Music Really Affect My Hearing?

One night, you go to watch your oldest grandchild in her first school play. It is a big event for everyone. There is the school band playing as you arrive and you take your seat to watch the performance. Yet the background music throughout the performance is loud. The next night you are off to


Did You know Hearing Awareness Week 2017 Is Next Week?

I don’t know about you. I mean to get health checkups. Even if I get a reminder I sometimes put it off and next thing it is three or even six months later. I find myself wondering where all that time went. Hearing well is no different. It involves having regular checkups of your hearing

Effortless Results of Misophonia Treatment

Effortless Improvement From Misophonia Treatment

I’m grateful for clients who allow me to use my skills and expertise to help them live their best lives. Thank you so much. I received this amazing email from a client the other week and wanted to share her story with you on her journey with misophonia. She has asked for her name not


How do I stop this ringing in my ears?

How do I stop this noise in my ears? I’m told nothing can be done about tinnitus! Are you aware recent studies show up to 70% of people experiencing tinnitus experience significant improvements in their tinnitus with the right help? How Brain Research Changes How We Approach Tinnitus There has been decades of studies in


11 Things You Need to Know When You First Get Hearing Aids?

What you need to know when you get new hearing aids? You have just got new hearing aids? Now what? You have so many things to remember about using them? Are they going to work? Are my hearing aids going to be a waste of money? Your fitting appointment hopefully solved many of your concerns.


5 Frequently Asked Questions About Misophonia Answered

Did you know that there was a new breakthrough study on misophonia published this year by Dr Kumar and his team from the Institute of Neuroscience at the Newcastle University and the Wellcome Centre for NeuroImaging at University College London (UCL)? Breakthrough Misophonia Research In the world of misophonia research, understanding and treatment, this study


What Is the Latest In Invisible Hearing Aids?

Are you worried about others knowing you are wearing hearing aids? If so, today’s post about the latest Invisible Hearing Aids or Hidden Hearing Aids will help you. I Don’t Want Anyone To Know I Am Wearing Hearing Aids? I want to give you clear honest impartial advice on buying invisible hearing aids. Choosing the


8 Ways You Can Use Your Mind to Change Your Brain to Change Your Misophonia

Did you know that many of us find the sounds of chewing or breathing off putting, and for some they’re unbearable? What Is Misophonia? It might be hearing someone eating with their mouth open, sneezing, coughing, sniffling, chewing gum or throat-clearing? Or you feel rage when you hear certain birds, other people’s noise (eg dogs


5 Proven Essential Steps For Improving Your Communication Skills

Are you ready to learn more about 5 essential steps you can improve your communication skills whether you have a hearing loss or someone important to you has a hearing loss? These steps will help you build the small habits that will make a big difference in your life. Nothing is worse than that feeling


Is It Possible to Cure Misophonia?

Adele conquers long term reactions to sounds with misophonia treatment. There was Adele waiting at the bus stop on her way to work. The bus was running late and she knew she would be late for her first meeting of the day. Adele works in a busy public sector organisation. The bus finally comes. She


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