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What You Need To Know When You Are Frustrated By A Breakdown in Communication From Hearing Loss?

You are not alone! Hearing loss is an invisible disability that can cause incredible frustration between family members, friends, and workmates. You probably know first hand, how it creates havoc in the home, in the car, at work, in restaurants and in so many other social situations. Because hearing loss usually happens so gradually, the

24 hours to better hearing: Here’s what to do

24 hours to better hearing: Here’s what to do Just imagine you are going to a rather special event. You have been dreaming about this day for some time now. You know that you want your hearing at its best. What can you do in only 24 hours. First and most importantly is wear your

Living Well with Hearing Loss

Physical Activity, Exercise, Diet, Sleep and Rest

We all know how important physical exercise, diet and sufficient rest is for you health and wellbeing but have you ever considered the consequences of lack of exercise or rest and a poor diet when it comes to your hearing health? What sort of physical activity makes a difference? It’s not just any exercise. Its

I Can’t Hear You – 6 Steps to Living Well with Hearing Loss

I have written an eBook that looks at the 6 Steps to Living Well with Hearing Loss and over the next few weeks will be presenting material from the eBook. Week one discusses the facts about ageing and hearing loss and looks at the six most common reasons why we develop hearing loss as we

Happy Easter!

Easter is traditionally the time for eating too much, especially chocolate, but also being able to catch up on sleep, rest and enjoying what life has to offer in our wonderful Australian climate. What is the impact of Physical Activity, Exercise, Diet, Sleep and Rest on hearing loss or more importantly maintaining normal hearing? What

How to be 90 with great hearing!

Genetic Predisposition to Hearing loss is an interesting current topic for discussion. As the Human Genome project has continued they have come out with interesting statistics on what is caused by genetic versus environmental factors. Here is what we do know: Genetic factors account for only about 30% of what happens to us (Human Genome

Good Hearing is about more than just Hearing Aids

If you are struggling to hear in complex listening situations is it just about the fact that you need to be fitted for a hearing aid? Is a hearing aid the only solution to hearing what you want or need to hear? Hearing Aids today are amazing but they have to cope in lots of

Preserve your hearing

Hearing Health Is For All Ages

There has been news lately about the concern over the impact of noise on the hearing of children and teenagers. In this day and age of iPods, iPads, YouTube and numerous video applications all ages are bombarded with noise. What noise is good noise, what noise is bad and what do teenagers and their parents

Hearing Loss and Aging

Nolene’s Latest Article in Circle Magazine (the image quality is not that good sorry) AIDS or devices are not the only answers to poor hearing, says Ashgrove audiologist Nolene Nielson. The Hearing Care Professionals owner said many clinics had a focus on devices but believed in individual treatment approach could better manage hearing health. “I’ve

News from the Audiologists Desk

Nolene is just back from the first conference of the year. A one day masterclass on Aural Rehabilitation (AR): Essential Tools for Clinical Practice.A great conference that helped Audiologists to: Think beyond the audiogram as to the impacts of hearing loss. Identify the multidimensional behaviors that impact an individual and their carers as a result


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