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Can Loud Music Really Affect My Hearing?

One night, you go to watch your oldest grandchild in her first school play. It is a big event for everyone. There is the school band playing as you arrive and you take your seat to watch the performance. Yet the background music throughout the performance is loud. The next night you are off to


Did You know Hearing Awareness Week 2017 Is Next Week?

I don’t know about you. I mean to get health checkups. Even if I get a reminder I sometimes put it off and next thing it is three or even six months later. I find myself wondering where all that time went. Hearing well is no different. It involves having regular checkups of your hearing


Why Isn’t My Partner Listening To Me? Advice On How To Improve My Relationships!

You know the story. Your frustration levels when trying to talk to your partner are rising. Why bother? It’s too hard. They don’t want to hear me, I’m sure. This blog might just save your relationship or marriage. It seems like only yesterday when Michael and Joan were sitting in my consulting room.” Joan sat


What Is An App! What is a Hearing Aid App?

Let’s look at what an app is first! Before you start telling me about hearing aid apps. The word app is a noun, and it’s short for “application.” Application here refers to a software application — in other words, an app is a software program. But an app is not just any old software program


Understanding Misophonia – What’s Happening to Me?

An understanding of neuroscience and audiology provides us with a possible way for you to understand what is happening to you. You just might not be an angry person after all. “Its time for dinner. You are expected to join the family and sit at the dining table with them. You know what is going

International Tinnitus Awareness Week Logo

Together for Tinnitus: 2017 Tinnitus Awareness Week

  It’s tinnitus Awareness Week this week This year’s theme is ‘Together for Tinnitus’. Better Hearing Australia, in partnership with the British, American and Australian Tinnitus Associations, are working to raise awareness about tinnitus. This is Australia’s’ first International Tinnitus Awareness Week. This is the first time that focus on this condition has been addressed


7 Things Moisture and Humidity Do to your Hearing Aids?

It’s sad but true, hearing technology has its vulnerabilities. There are three things hearing aids just do not like to experience: shock, temperature extremes, and moisture. It’s something I have seen so much over the years. You come in with your hearing aids after or during the summer holidays wondering why you are not hearing so

Treatments for Tinnitus: 5 old wives tales that don’t work

Treatments for Tinnitus: 5 old wives tales that don’t work If you go online or visit your local chemist, you will notice a number of suggestions for treating tinnitus that really don’t work. Lets look at a few of the old wives tales that I wish everyone didn’t know about as more people would seek

Are custom ear plugs worth the money; the pros and cons

Are custom ear plugs worth the money; the pros and cons Those of us who enjoy social or have work activities which involve exposure to potentially unsafe levels of sound know we need to protect our hearing but what are the best options for this. Do we go to the local hardware store/chemist and buy

24 hours to better hearing: Here’s what to do

24 hours to better hearing: Here’s what to do Just imagine you are going to a rather special event. You have been dreaming about this day for some time now. You know that you want your hearing at its best. What can you do in only 24 hours. First and most importantly is wear your


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