2017 Tinnitus Awareness Week

Together for Tinnitus: 2017 Tinnitus Awareness Week

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It’s tinnitus Awareness Week this week

This year’s theme is ‘Together for Tinnitus’.

Better Hearing Australia, in partnership with the British, American and Australian Tinnitus Associations, are working to raise awareness about tinnitus. This is Australia’s’ first International Tinnitus Awareness Week.

This is the first time that focus on this condition has been addressed in Australia under a collective of medical and allied health organisations under the banner, ‘Tinnitus Australia’.

Tinnitus affects 1 in 10 Australians – that’s over 2,000,000 people. Tinnitus is the often debilitating presence of sound in the ears or head with no known source. It may be a ring, buzz, whistle, hiss, hum or cicada like sound. This constant irritation can lead to depression, cause anxiety and greatly affect people’s lives. Learn more about what Tinnitus is here.

This week has seen the launch of the new website for Tinnitus Australia Web site http://www.tinnitusaustralia.org.au/

There was a morning tea at Better Hearing Australia Brisbane Branch today 7 February with the Guest Speaker being Nolene Nielson “What’s Happening in the World of Tinnitus”

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